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Default Re: I want to see Superman fly to other solar systems and galaxies in future films

Superman should definitely go up against the battle space station Warworld and the villian Mogul if not in Zack Snyder's Superman film then definitely in a sequel. That would make an awesome Superman film where Superman meets Star Wars.

Superman flies all over the galaxy and beyond through hyperspace/space warps and tries to prevent Mongul/Warorld from conquering not just Earth but perhaps countless inhabited solar systems in the far reaches of space including the planet Almerac which according to the Superman graphic novel Our Worlds at War is 100 trillion light years away and was a major planet in the recent Superman comics. In fact have Superman save both Earth and distant Almerac from Warworld and take on fleets of alien starfighters and starships from trying to destroy Almerac. That's a Superman movie that I would love to see and have been waiting years to see. I hope WB will do Superman films where the Man of Steel fights crime in the far reaches of the cosmos.

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