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Default Re: Details for the Superman Returns Sequel That Never Was (From Michael Dougherty)

I think i'm with the general consensus on this one.

There are elements of this script that actually sound really cool. The thing I REALLY like the most about it is, like the Dark Knight, it really stops skirting around some of the things you kind of just take for granted in most superman stories and really charges right into them.
Why can't Superman "interfere" considering he's already interfering somewhat everyday he puts on the tights? Why can't he just stop all armed conflict all over the globe and make sure everybody plays nice? Really really tough and interesting questions that would make for a pretty poignant story.

Things really start getting really weird around the third act though...and by the end it lost me. It's the same problem I had with the "why the world doesn't need superman" subplot in returns that never actually went anywhere. You charge right into some pretty serious questions about the nature of Superman.....and then you don't really answer any of them. Having this new kryptonian turn out to be Brainiac feels less like a plot twist and more like a cop-out because 1) it kind of leaves me confused on Brainiacs motivations for saving the earth before destroying it. 2)If the only negative consequences of interference wind up being that the saviour turns out to be an evil lying pschopath...that still doesn't answer why Superman wouldn't do it.

Oh yeah...and the whole Supes killing his son....not buying it. That was definitely a rewrite waiting to happen where Brainiac realizes his super aging process has gone to far and Jason distingrates in front of Superman after relishing in the fact that even to save earth, Supes won't cross that line.

All in all, I won't miss this one too much.

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