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Default Re: A New Director After Nolan?

Originally Posted by jamesCameronOnl View Post
I know what you mean, but I absolutely couldnt figure out how Joker can be a real character. I didnt know theyre gonna go so far in changes, but yet there we had him. Perhaps clayface would be a guy who wears masks or is a master of disguise, and Man Bat someone with skin/hair problem. If Ras and , more so, Joker ended up as real life characters, I think anyone can
James I like you man, your posts are always interesting to read but boy I really think you are overestimating the comic book/sci-fi/fantasy aspect of the Joker.

He can't even compare as far as Man-Bat. In real life it is even possible to be bleached or devoid of any skin color. You'd be pretty white but not chalk pasty white, just really really pale. One would still have color because of veins and such, etc. But mostly, most of Joker's visual characteristics were there. The green hair, large grin, and purple suit. And thematically the Joker in Nolan's world also was similar to comic book Joker.

But there's absolutely no way Man-Bat or Clayface could ever be adapted to be grounded. Making Clayface a master of disguise just wouldn't be clayface. Clayface's most important trait is the fact that he is well, made of clay. And his existence is about being angry over what happened to him. A pretty boy into a monster. Of course he could just be a handsome man who is scarred but without his powers(the most important and well known part of the character) it just wouldn't work right. But as far as Joker, besides the white skin and some Joker toys everything else is there.

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