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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Most recent comic book movies have lacked really big epic themes and scores and that's a little sad IMHO.

I really liked what they did with the music in the Dark Knight and the Joker's one note theme. The music picked up really well in Dark Knight and built off the first movie.

However nothing has been as good or as memorable as the John Williams Superman theme or the Danny Elfman Batman theme.

Ottman put some great music together for X2 that was promptly tossed in the trash with the third movie as they had yet another new composer. It makes me sick.

I wish Michael Giacchino did Avengers and gave it a Star Wars type of score because that is what it needs and deserves.
LOL. You complain about the way film scores have been like in this genre b/c of a lack of really big epic themes, but praise the lame one note Joker motif, which is anything but "epic". Elfman's Doc Ock theme, Powell's Dark Phoenix theme, and even Ottman's Luthor theme for SR were memorable and more epic than that poor-excuse-of-a-Joker-theme-that-Zimmer -came-up-with-in-10 seconds.

That's sad that the Joker and Heath's tour- de-force performance for the same character got such a pathetic theme, imo. They both deserved better. The rest of the TDK score is leftovers of BB, which is leftovers of the MV/RC sound design junkload factory. That they use in every action movie they scored in the past 15 years. Having a Batman score sounding like anything from a Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay movie score isn't something that's distinct and appropriate for Batman. It's something that you hear in 90% of all action movies.

What I'm trying to say is Zimmer's Batman score is interchangeable with any action movie scored by him and his cronies. Batman deserves his own sound. If he wanted to do something new since it was a new take don't use your typical and generic MV/RC sound scape that been used to death. Zimmer should've changed his sound to fit Batman and not change to Batman fit his generic style. Which is what I feared about Zimmer scoring the Superman reboot.

Also I think some people hate on Powell's X3 score b/c of the movie it's associated with. Which isn't fair. That's amazing that Powell was able to came up with something like that for a movie that craptacular. Definitely the best thing about that movie, imo.

I agree about Giachinno. I want him to score a movie in this genre. And take it in another direction. This genre definitely and desperately needs it ,imo.

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