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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Gunga Diner View Post
The Joker theme is one of my very favorite parts of the score for TDK. It sets a specific tone perfectly, it makes you nervous. It immediately reminds me of the joker and hints at his presence in a very unnerving way. The joker's theme shouldn't have been a melody or something obviously clowny or circus-y. That would be way too obvious.
I'm not saying it should be circus-y or clowny. Especially if this Joker puts makeup on that's refered to as war paint instead of clown make up in the film.

I'm sorry I don't think Joker at all when I hear it. I think lazy, unoriginal, cheap, generic, and annoyingly loud for a character like the Joker. All the motif does (other than makes a lot of noise) is sets a tone for the scene and character. Nothing else. There's nothing much going for the theme b/c of how simple it is.

One note is really the best Zimmer could come up with for the Joker ? Really ? What a wasted oppotunity. Can't wait for how Zimmer is going to botch the "theme" for the next villain. Sheesh.

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