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Default Re: The Official Cast Jimmy Olsen Thread

Originally Posted by PreK View Post
It doesn't make sense though. Jimmy's always been the young photographer looking to get that one shot to make it into the big leagues. In contemporary times that necessitates covering something tragic, and often it involves danger to nab it.

It's the equivalent of joining the military, and being hesitant at the thought of killing someone. If you're that apprehensive, you would never choose it as a career. Simple as that.
Joining the military is nowhere near the same thing as becoming a photographer. Not even close. Maybe a war photographer, but ask a photographer for an urban newspaper (like The Daily Planet) if theyre willing to put there life at risk, especially at a young age like Jimmys, to get a shot Im sure most will reply no or most would reply yes and when a moment arrives they wont be able to.

As I said Jimmy should not be a coward, he should try and get the best shot, but he looks before he leaps but eventually he does leap

and on another note: And even in the military people who sign up think theyre able to kill and then theyre not able to
Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
NO TO GORDON LEVITT. This is coming from a fan of his.

Let me tell you why: It would be a waste for a guy who becoming such a big star, only to have a bit part in a movie like Superman. WASTE of talent.
And this

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