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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by HappyPalooza View Post
Still have a hard time believing this. Original article says that
1. He's too pricey. Uh, why do you think he's pricey? Marvel's the one that gave him that career boost. Like I said about them supposedly booting him from IM2 for the same reason- it's not like they're going "No way we can get Favreau, he's too hot off that Iron Man franchise!"
2. Even too pricey for Disney.


he's directing Magic Kingdom for Disney, about Disney. Am I missing something?
I think at this point, money plays a factor only because if Jon is gonna deal with the BS, I suppose he'll only do it if the price is right. I just feel like he's over it.

Also, Disney isn't directly involved with the Marvel stuff, so I think they're just the distributors. So his relationship isn't stained with Disney; Marvel, I don't know.

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