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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
I don't know if anybody is saying they hate IM2, at least I'm not, but the fact of the matter is it wasn't nearly as good as the first, and a huge portion of that was Marvel's intrusion and insistence of the Avengers subplots, which took away from the main story and added all sorts of unnecessary threads into the film. The Thor stuff at the end was sufficient, everything with Nick Fury & Black Widow was just tacked on and needless, just as their "help" with Tony's condition was. The whole middle of IM2 was just bogged down, boring & unneeded, and it's just further prove that Marvel isn't handling things as well as we all thought they would
These are the same criticisms parroted around here and I think they are ridiculous, no offense. The movie might not be as critically acclaimed as IM1, but it's hardly a noticeable difference in quality. The Avengers subplot is still being overblown on here. It was barely there and the scenes that it did involve didn't ruin anything in the plot. The NF/BW helping Tony scene criticism is also getting pretty old. This same thing happened in Batman Begins and few people had a problem with that. I suppose getting a cure-all from Morgan Freeman is somehow better than SLJ.

Also, why the blame for Marvel for these scenes? I am tired of everybody blaming Marvel for EVERYTHING. They have done a great job handling all these characters and this universe. If there is any blame to go around, it is to the directors and writers. Justin Theroux was brought on at the request of RDJ wasn't he?

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