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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
The Thor scene at the end was fine, just like the Stark scene at the end of TIH. But to go further than that, and actually wrap your plot around Nick Fury in order to tie-in wasn't necessary. How was his inclusion important to the film as a whole? Because of the Element? You said yourself Stark figured that out on his own, they could have omitted Fury completely. And what was Widow's use? T&A shots to be sure, but other than that, what was she really needed for? Honestly?
Sure, they could have omitted Fury, but I enjoyed his role in this movie. He was the only guy that could cut through Tony's arrogance and b.s. If anything, the Tony/Fury scenes had the best dialouge in the movie aside from the courtroom banter between Stark and the Senator.

Widow for the most part was useless aside from T&A. I did like the fight scene she had though and that added to a great climax. LOL at using the word 'climax' relating to Scarlett Johannson.

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