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Default Re: The Official Cast Jimmy Olsen Thread

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post
Joining the military is nowhere near the same thing as becoming a photographer. Not even close.
Then the point went over you head. It's not about the occupation, but the intent of going into a field without expecting to fulfill certain activities required to be in that line of work.

Maybe a war photographer, but ask a photographer for an urban newspaper (like The Daily Planet) if theyre willing to put there life at risk, especially at a young age like Jimmys, to get a shot Im sure most will reply no or most would reply yes and when a moment arrives they wont be able to.
Your assumptions are idealized and wholly incorrect. JMS (author of Superman Earth One) addressed this very subject for his reboot project:
Nrama: Wow! I’ve never thought of it that way. This approach of questioning everything about Superman’s origin reminds me a lot of a classic newspaper reporter’s approach to something. And people may not know this, but you got your start as a newspaper man writing for several papers on the West Coast. Will some of that knowledge impart itself on depicting Clark’s later life at the Daily Planet?

JMS: Definitely. I started off as a reporter, working for the LA Times, LA Herald Examiner, TIME, and other publications for over ten years. So I know what the inside of a newsroom is supposed to feel like. It's evident -- and this isn't meant as a slam, just a statement of fact -- that a lot of those who've written for Superman haven't worked as journalists. As a result, the Daily Planet tends to function either as a mcguffin to get the story moving, or a place Clark needs to escape to do what's necessary. So along with rebooting Superman, the next job was to make the Daily Planet a real newspaper: Perry's a real editor, Lois a real reporter, Jim a real photojournalist. And of those three, probably the biggest change most folks will notice off the bat is in Jim's personality. Most newspaper photographers I've worked with over the years are totally insane, in the good sense of that word. They're freaking fearless. If the only way to get the shot of a career is to stand in harm's way, then by god that's where they'll stand (which is why most of those who've been killed in the journalism field over the decades have been photographers and photojournalists). Doesn't matter what's coming at him, Olsen will find his spot and plant himself like a tree until he gets the shot he needs.
There ya go. Straight from an actual journalism vet. Convinced, yet?

As I said Jimmy should not be a coward, he should try and get the best shot, but he looks before he leaps but eventually he does leap
Blink and you miss. Any second wasted is a cost of a potential shot. That is not indicative at all of a booming photographer.

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