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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by hatebox View Post
Whether or not things are indeed 'a mess' at Marvel, this is undoubtedly a spanner in the works. It's also overtaken the Norton debacle as the most obvious sign that things aren't that rosy with the studio's masteplan, given that Iron Man is still their biggest asset.

It's safe to say the only reason Favreau would abruptly leave would be because he'd had enough of studio interference (not that that'll be the official line), which means whoever else comes in will have to suffer it. I'm struggling to see how that's a good prospect.
Where are you basing this all off of? You people all speak as if you know the full story and are going off conflicting reports/rumors. Studio interference? This isn't an art house movie, it's the cornerstone of an entire studio. He isn't Spielberg or James Cameron where he is entitled to carte blanche. And thats assuming that he even wanted that. His move to directing this Magic Kingdom movie surely doesn't speak much for him wanting independence from the studios. Do you think he will get the kind of freedoms he had for Iron Man 2 directing a movie about Disney World?! This is a tourism ad with a plot in the eyes of Disney for their most precious symbol aside from Mickey Mouse.

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