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Default Re: Let's talk reboot changes, shall we?

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
Same thing I feel about Batman.
I kinda disagree with this. Nobody in the Nolan Batman movies owned their role aside from Ledger. Bale is really good, but I envision an easy turn around in that department. The Bruce Wayne character never had a dominant personality. In no way is he the quintessential Bruce Wayne in my opinion. The more challenging part will find somebody who can take over for Nolan, who personally turned the franchise around. His direction and vision has more to do with the greatness of that franchise than any of the actors.

RDJ on the other hand IS Tony Stark. The personality we have grown accustomed to with these two movies is almost irreplaceable. I can't think of a single actor that can hold a candle to RDJ's Stark.

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