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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by Supermanreturns View Post
Yes. Favreau was a good director for Iron Man but I think he's more suitable as a comedy or a family-movie than Iron Man. You can look from what he have done with these movies: lack of action, more comedy.

I think when they want him for Magic Kingdom he said yes because it's a movie for him.
I think he did a great job, but there is so much potential for a new director. This is a high profile, coveted job opening. It's a successful, well liked franchise that can open alot of doors for a middling director. Look what Batman did for Chris Nolan. He wasn't ever going to get the big money needed to fund his dream project (no pun intended) Inception without the success of BB/TDK. I don't know who that director is for Iron Man, but Duncan Jones is the name being thrown around alot.

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