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Default Re: The Official Cast Jimmy Olsen Thread

Originally Posted by Superman_20 View Post
i want joseph gordon levitt, i dont like the idea of jimmy being 16 looking because hes a young photographer but realistically,theres not going to be a teenager working for a newspaper, just like lois lane shouldnt look 21 because she must have gone to school and have some experience to be even considered to be a reporter... and she should look good but not like a supermodel because yea it is a movie but again, how many people do you know that are smart, good looking and world class reporters with prizes and everything and also happen to look like a model and are 21 or something... jimmy should look young but not teenager young...

Strike me if I'm wrong but isn't Peter Parker a teenager working for a newspaper? And a teenager could get hired for a part-time job during summer break as a photographer if they display talent for it. Especially if they're still a high school student but 18 or 19..... just speaking from an opposite point of view for realism.

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