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Default Re: The Official Cast Jimmy Olsen Thread

Originally Posted by batlovescatDC View Post
Strike me if I'm wrong but isn't Peter Parker a teenager working for a newspaper? And a teenager could get hired for a part-time job during summer break as a photographer if they display talent for it. Especially if they're still a high school student but 18 or 19..... just speaking from an opposite point of view for realism.
it is possible, im not saying it isnt but right now, the way jobs are, i'd like the audience to see an older jimmy... young looking but that he could be past 16 or something, i'd be happy with a jimmy like joseph gordon would be because he is older than me for example but could look young, hard to place his age exactly... its hard for people to find any job right now, and just because you have a talent for pictures doesn't mean anymore that you could get a job being a teenager, and especially being apparently the top photographer for the newspaper........ especially when the median salary for a photographer in a big city like los angeles or new york would be 57,000ish and ranges from 48000 to 70000.....

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