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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Elevator Man View Post
I'm not saying it should be circus-y or clowny. Especially if this Joker puts makeup on that's refered to as war paint instead of clown make up in the film.

I'm sorry I don't think Joker at all when I hear it. I think lazy, unoriginal, cheap, generic, and annoyingly loud for a character like the Joker. All the motif does (other than makes a lot of noise) is sets a tone for the scene and character. Nothing else. There's nothing much going for the theme b/c of how simple it is.

One note is really the best Zimmer could come up with for the Joker ? Really ? What a wasted oppotunity. Can't wait for how Zimmer is going to botch the "theme" for the next villain. Sheesh.
Hans Zimmer's music is actually memorable. The scores for IM, IM2, and TIH have been boring. I can't hear a single piece of music from those movies in my head.

Hopefully they fix that problem with Thor, Cap, and the Avengers.


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