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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Randal Graves View Post
Hans Zimmer's music is actually memorable. The scores for IM, IM2, and TIH have been boring. I can't hear a single piece of music from those movies in my head.

Hopefully they fix that problem with Thor, Cap, and the Avengers.
Thanks for the heads up on that about Zimmer. I don't have a clue if you are talking about his Batman scores or Hans Zimmer's music in general. I have nothing against Zimmer, but his Batman scores and most of his blockbuster scores. They are too generic and are interchangeable to eachother, imo.

Anyways I agree about IM1 and 2 and TIH being generic and nothing special but your basic run of the mill action music that we get a lot of these days. Shame.

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