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Default Re: If Favs is indeed out, who do you want to take the reins of Iron Man 3?

Ha! Iron Man better than The Matrix?

Iron Man had like two short action scenes and they pale in comparison to the many classic Matrix action scenes. Matrix +1

Iron Man dwells on war profiteering. The Matrix dwells on the fabric of reality and how society decieves people to keep them obedient slaves. Matrix +1

Iron Man has barely any memorable dialogue. The Matrix has dozens of great and meaningful dialogue. Matrix +1

Iron Man drags in scenes and is anti-climatic. The Matrix has perfect pacing and one of the best climaxes of recent memory. The Matrix +1

Iron Man was a hit but the Matrix was an international phenomena with a timeless subversive cyber-punk message. The Matrix +1

The Matrix = 5

Iron Man = 0

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