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Default Re: If Favs is indeed out, who do you want to take the reins of Iron Man 3?

Well it's just the whole emo/goth/punk/slacker/hacker/anti-establishment mindset of the film that takes the whole paranoid-ness of those groups and glorifies it as if they are the ultimate standards of what we the audience should like/care about and what we shouldn't. In other words, it's the 'we're so cool and all else isn't' mindset that has always bugged me. The Matix isn't the only film to tap into these subgroups desire for dark/edgey self-importance. The Crow, TDK and Dark City do the exact same thing and appeal to pretty much the same sensibilities. I, as someone who has never and WILL never have those same sensibilities,....don't like such fare.

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