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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
I'd say the 2004 Punisher score was best with IM1 coming in a close 2nd. None of the rest to me are memorable at all.
Yet you found Djwadi's IM score memorable. LOL. I guess you would since IM's score was basically the same stuff the MV/RC composers cook up in every blockbuster movie since the mid 90s. Oh well. To each his own. I guess. I just find it pathetic that the IM scores aren't really anything but noise and doesn't really capture the character the way it should. To me it's just generic action music that we've heard over and over again with nothing groundbreaking. Hopefully these future Marvel (as well as DC's GL) movies will have groundbreaking music, but I know that's asking for too much. Therefore, won't happen especially the way the film scoring business is today. Pity.

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