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Default Re: Favorite avengers artist?

Originally Posted by CaptainStacy View Post
Another great Avengers artist: John Buscema.

This was such a great issue. The Vision was once my favorite Avenger...he's been screwed up a lot over the past few years, but at least we still have great storylines, such as this one; "Even An Android Can Cry", when the team accepts him and offers him membership.

Buscema would be my pic - although come to think of it, he's also my favourite Namor and Thor artist too. Perez gets a nod (obviously) and Byrne gets a mention too (but for his West Coast work).

EDIT: Ooops - forgot about Neal Adams and Rich Buckler. Oh, and Bob Hall's Avengers work in 'Emperor Doom' made a lasting impression on me, even though it was a one-shot.

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