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Spoiler Re: Transformers: Prime

For all it's faults, I actually like the show and am overjoyed that both Peter Cullen and Frank Walker are back. I grew up on the old show and hearing their iconic voices again brings back lots of fond memories watching the old show as a kid. I'm only sorry that they killed off Cliff Jumper because I actually thought he was the coolest Autobot, next to Prime of course. The look of the show and animation are beautiful, light years ahead of Beast Wars/Beast Machines, which were also great shows.

Two things I DID NOT like at all:

Prime's mouth and Bumblebee sounding like R2D2. What the heck?? I don't understand the reason behind this. It was bad enough in the movies, and now they had to make the same mistakes here. And to make things even more stupid, for some magical reason Raph actually understands him. LOL Oookay.

All in all, I am looking forward to more episodes. I'm sure the show will improve and hope we get to see Unicron.

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