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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

I just read it. The best way I can describe it is as well executed as a terrible idea can be. Straczynski writes some well-thought stuff into this, but he fails in the core of it, the character of Superman himself. Clark comes across through almost the whole book as a bland angsty emo-ish guy, who can do anything, but doesn´t seem interested in any of it.

It gets into some pretty spectacular comic book action, and his character does have growing out of it, into what seems to be a little closer to the Supes we know and love, but it´s ultimately too little too late, by the point where he´s supposed to get where he should get as a character, I just don´t give a crap wherever this guy gets or not. Any character should have conflict and drama, but you´re supposed to feel invested in him, to want to see him get out of his mess, and this Clark gives me nothing, at least enough sparks of the classic incarnation that would make me go, "Superman IS there, he wants to get out, doesn´t know how yet", but all I see is a zombie that might as well be dead till way too far ahead in the story.

One of both its strengths and achilles heels is the notion that Krypton was actually destroyed in a war situation instead of a cataclism, it triggers the spectacular stuff I was talking about, but it makes Supes an avenger, which is one of the things he´s not meant to be.


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