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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Some of the posts here make me sick and want to vomit:

1. After Iron Man and **** even BEFORE Iron Man we all had the expectation of War Machine being brought in later. The ****ing first movie basically blatantly points and says HEY HERE YOU GO! YOU WILL SEE WAR MACHINE IN THE NEXT MOVIE FOR SURE! Now some of the momentum was admittedly lost because Howard left the production, but I mean, don't go around saying War Machine should never have been in the movie. None of you guys were saying **** like that before the movie came out. So stop saying that **** now because it is ********!

2. The Avengers connection. THIS WAS IN IRON MAN! IT WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE! That's what got us excited about Iron Man, we KNEW they were building up to an Avengers movie. So that was an added bonus to the movie. It's irrational to get ticked off about it because all this is precedence for Iron Man's history. Avengers, Black Widow, War Machine is all a part of it. It makes sense to have references because you know this is one of the cooler aspects about it. Now I think they could've made the ending less awkward with the whole advisor/retainer, not right now thing. Since it sort of conflicts with where Tony Stark is at the end of Incredible Hulk.

3. Stop acting like Favreau is this defenceless little lamb that Marvel screwed over. I think it was time for Favreau to move on. He seems more interested in other projects now and I just don't think he's as creatively stimulated by Iron Man anymore. Sorry but its true. Favreau also publicly has NOT proven that he is the guy to helm Avengers. He EVEN said he's afraid of using material that isn't realistic or tech based. HE SAID ALL OF THAT! He didn't want to do Demon In A Bottle because it would be too much like Leaving Las Vegas. He didn't want Tony to sleep around with other women.

I think Favreau deserves all the credit in the world for getting the ball rolling and starting the franchise. But he just did not seem to have the ambition or desire to see it through to the end as like the captain at the wheel. And that's fine. Because Iron Man 2 did have its issues, so new vision and a fresh look is NOT going to hurt it.

That being said, I would like Favreau to return as Happy if he has time. Since he's not directing that would be a good way to give Happy more of something to do.

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