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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Some of the posts here make me sick and want to vomit:

1. After Iron Man and **** even BEFORE Iron Man we all had the expectation of War Machine being brought in later. The ****ing first movie basically blatantly points and says HEY HERE YOU GO! YOU WILL SEE WAR MACHINE IN THE NEXT MOVIE FOR SURE! Now some of the momentum was admittedly lost because Howard left the production, but I mean, don't go around saying War Machine should never have been in the movie. None of you guys were saying **** like that before the movie came out. So stop saying that **** now because it is ********!
I never wanted him in the film, I always knew it would be a bad idea. I thought he would take away from Iron Man, I was wrong, he ended up taking away from Whiplash.

Originally Posted by JAKĀ® View Post

Just about everybody wanted to see War Machine. When the first teaser poster came out people were like "Yay! War Machine!" and I'm pretty sure there were comments like "Screw Whiplash, I want to see War Machine!"
Unfortunately that was true. And unfortunately that's what Marvel thought as well, screw Whiplash, lets put the promotion, suits, action sequences, sfx and everything else behind War Machine.

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