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Default Re: Superman: Earth One

Originally Posted by Ipodman View Post
Was it one Superman graphic novel every 6 months, or one "DC Earth One" graphic novel every 6 months?
Originally Posted by Cain View Post
One OGN every 6 months after the last for every story released. So

Supes: Earth One came out in Oct 2010 sometime around spring 2011 we should be hearing about it's follow up.

When Batman: Earth One (currently with no release date) drops then 6 months after that we will see another Batman: Earth One OGN following the events of the previous etc.
No what is suppose to happen is each heroes Earth One book is suppose to come out every six months. So for example Superman came out in Nov so six months from now his sequel is suppose to come out. Same with Batman and the rest the plan is to have an Earth One book for every month. Which is why JMS left the Superman/Wonder Woman titles and is on pace on getting the follow up to Superman out on time. That is the plan for Earth One. I am wondering when we will hear something about Batman seeing how Superman's sequel is already in the works and we have yet to see anything from Batman.

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