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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Has anyone here read Back to the Batcave, Adam West's autobiography?

He comes across alot better than Burt Ward did in his book, thats for sure (I wasn't really that interested in the boy wonder's sexual escapades, certainly not in as much detail). West came across as humble, funny, full of wit and warmth... and it seems like a wise man who has come to terms with the role and his level of fame.

Until he starts discussing Tim Burton's Batman... He expressed his feelings eloquently and i respected them until:

''I was angry and profoundly disappointed when I was not asked to reprise the role... our batfans expected me to come back, and i had what i thought were some exciting ideas for a new one''

It all started sounding a little deluded for me at that point... I love the man to bits, but i never actually believed he was so convinced he should play the role in the 1989 version.

Wouldn't he have been 60 at the time of shooting???

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