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Default Re: IM3 a "continuation" of the previous movies good idea or horrible?

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
There should be references and the changes should affect the world of Iron Man.

How often in other comics do we see cameos and the aftermath of other things happening or events happening elsewhere? In X-men Second Coming, the Avengers came in to help the X-men in San Francisco. What the freak is wrong with things like this? None of you complained about Tony Stark's cameo at the end of Incredible Hulk.
I did. If you hadn't seen Iron Man, then he's just some random dude who shows up at the end of Incredible Hulk. I think that the scene should have been after the end credits, because it already felt disconnected with the rest of the film and didn't really have anything to do with bringing resolution to the story. It was probably at Marvel's behest that it was not saved for the end credits easter egg (which was probably the original intention), because they wanted to put Robert Downy Jr. in the commercials in hopes of piggybacking on Iron Man's success. They couldn't keep their fingers out of the figurative batter with that movie's editing and the movie was hurt by it, but unfortunately I think that Hulk overall doesn't have a lot of box office appeal.

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