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Default Re: Thor game making progress

New info about God of Thunder Video Game (Wii Version):

- Red Fly developing the Wii version
- Wii version has its own unique story and gameplay
- Action-brawler

- Focuses on Mjollnir
- Producer Chad Barron: “In fact, it’s almost more about the hammer than it is about Thor
- Customize Mjollnir as you progress
- 3 upgrade categories: storm, valor, might

- Dev team experimented with around 10 control schemes
- Decided too much motion would be tiring in a beat-’em-up
- Buttons for standard attacks
- Motion for over-the-top moves

- Based on the movie/comic books
- Boss battles will feature some of Thor’s all-time greatest adversaries including Surtur
- Unlock costumes throughout different eras of the comic
- WayForward making DS version

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