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Default Re: The Official Superman Casting & Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Strider14 View Post
Small mind thinking? Nice dig. I have cast talent and have represented talent for television and film in the past so I am not just making stuff up. I think we actually agree but are just using different terminology or are viewing it from a different perspective. I didn't say WB was against the choice of Routh. Typically, a casting director and director are going to approach the studio with the short list, not the other way around. The Director is concerned about what is going to happen on screen as to how the story unfolds and who they feel is going to best portray the role on screen. The studio is going to be concerned about the bigger picture. Who is going to put people in the seats, who is going to be more marketable, who is going to portray the best image for the studio, etc. (and yes...they want someone who can act). You will have a hard time convincing me that didn't and doesn't play a role in casting lead roles.
I'm pretty sure we do agree, because I know the Director of a movie does not have final say on everything(at least if they're not also heavily producing it)
It isn't about being against someone as has already been mentioned. It is about picking out the person they feel is best for the role. If you don't get the don't get the role, whether you are on a short-list or not. You aren't the best person for the role in the eyes of the powers at be if you aren't cast. It doesn't mean you weren't in the running. Cavill was in the running. Again, unless we know the inside conversations of what was decided in casting Routh over Cavill or any of the other short-listers all we can do is speculate.
Exactly, which is why I find all this talk of Cavill not having a shot at all to be ridiculous fanboy assumptions. And so I don't come off as a Cavill shipper or something, I would say the same thing for Routh, Bomer, hell even Welling.
The bottom line in the end is that Cavill was not selected and Routh was. You say potato...I say "potato".
I never denied that, Routh was selected by Singer, but Cavill was selected by McG. Times change, castings change and that's fine and understandable, but it doesn't discount an actor who has auditioned for the role before from future movies.
Originally Posted by gillberg2k1 View Post
Because there's certain criteria for the role that he does not meet. Therefore, he was excluded and has not seriously been considered for the role since the McG project.

Pardon if I didn't make that clear.
You don't know that he hasn't been seriously considered in the role. That is unless you worked on the production of Superman Returns.
Originally Posted by B View Post
Errr.. no, not at all. Singer viewed the auditions & took a shine to Routh in the same way that McG watched the same auditions & took a shine to Cavill.. had nothing whatsoever to do with WB not seeing him as right for the part. Infact I'm pretty sure that had WB believed this they wouldn't have allowed Cavill become attached to the project.. which they'd have obviously had to OK to begin with.
Originally Posted by Strider14 View Post
Bottom line...Cavill did not get the part for SR even though he was on the short list. I will say for the last time, unless someone knows what the discussions and circumstances actually were with Singer and the WB, no one knows the actual facts.
Exactly, but some here seem to feel like they know what went down in the production like they were part of it.
My understanding was that WB and/or Singer thought in the long run that Cavill was too young/boyish-looking for the SR role. That doesn't necessarily mean he was so for the McG role. Whether my sources were accurate or not on that who knows. I won't claim it to be fact. We can go on and play the guessing game forever, but time for me to let this one go.
And again, that's just an speculation, nothing to be taken as fact.
Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
I don't have a preference per say. Couple of actors out there who could do a damn fine job.

But if I were directing, I'd bring in Sam Jaeger to read. Doesn't have the "look," but that's irrelevant - neither did Reeve.

Reeve clearly had the look. Jaeger doesn't, though I do like him as an actor.
And looks is just as important as performance, Jaeger doesn't quite have that balance.
Originally Posted by Man of Tomorrow View Post
Jamie/Show's information on Cavill having no chance of being involved in the casting process for Superman is legit.
No offense to them in any way, but it is in no way legit; both are not involved in the production of the movie, no sources for them to reference to back up their claims, etc.
They're comments are just that, comments; And nothing's wrong with that, but to say that Cavill is totally out of the running is only something that someone on the production crew would know.

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