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Default Re: The Official Jimmy Olsen Casting & Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
Jimmy is a hard one to cast because in the end, it's a meaningful but also a thankless role. No disrespect towards the character but you can't just hired dudes like Joseph Gordon Levitt, Anton Yelchin, Michael Cera or even Jaimie Bell because it would be a waste of talent. Especially for Leviitt, who is too big for a role like this. Hell, he would be a great hero on his own one day.

I'd say it's a great role for an unknown or a guy who's an up-and-commer for sure.

I don't think it would be a waste of talent at all actually to hire JGL or Yelchin as Jimmy Olsen.

Getting a solid supporting cast and ensemble would be a plus for the Superman film.

JGL would probably add some much needed umph to the Olsen role, and I have no doubt he would be the best Jimmy Olsen we would have seen onscreen ever!

Imagine Anne Hathaway as Lois Lane, Gordon-Levitt as Jimmy Olsen and Armie Hammer as Clark Kent/Superman?

Kick ass and FTW!

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