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Default Re: Ice Giants and Other Asguardian Creatures Appreciation

Originally Posted by Bren View Post
Here's hoping we find Thor and party are only fighting the runt giants and if there is a Thor 2 that's based on Asgard, we see the proper big ones.

Were there not any other fantastical beasts that live on Asgard? Would be nice to see some running/flying around, even if just in the corner of the screen as they pan over the city proper... Or is this version just too techno (or at least, distancing itself from true magic) for them to throw in some myth-like creatures.

I'm not clued up on myths, but it'd be awesome (to me) for Thor to have a griffin as a pet - Take that, Ozy, mine's bigger/more dangerous/cooler than yours !!!
Not really in Asgard. Asgard was the city of the Aesir. The other races and mythical beasts and such had their own realms/cities. That's why they've got the Nine Worlds.

That said, Volstagg just revealed in the Iron Man/Thor comic that he has a pet dragon, so it's not unprecedented.

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