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Default Re: Ice Giants and Other Asguardian Creatures Appreciation

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Well if you WANT to read about the Myths there's one book in print called The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley Holland. Some pretty cool reading actually translated by actual stories by Snorri Sturluson who wrote them down around the 10-13th century
Thanks! I saw someone else also punting this a while back so I've ordered it online. Well, it's in my wishlist waiting for my wallet to recover from the festive season, since we went over budget on guitar hero Metallica (for the kids, of course )...

Regarding Asgard, I thought the name was for both 'country' (or even world) and city. Surely they have some fauna running/flying/swimming around in the countryside? Referring to non-sentient beasts I am.

And if Volstagg has pet dragon, what would Thor have? Is there any pet cooler than a dragon?

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