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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

Originally Posted by SatEL View Post
In the new film we know he will be doing a lot more than just lifting things so the question is how would you like a Superman fight to be interpreted on film?

Me personally I would like it to be quick and brutal, two power houses going at it. When Superman smashes into a foe with Super strength I want that blow to impact the environment around them. I want Superman to also utilise his speed and other abilities in combat, any anime and manga fan surely remembers Dragonball and how fights were depicted on the anime. How the fights were fast to the point of both fighters could not be seen by people below their level, that’s the kind of thing I would like. For instance I would like Superman to be fighting a Superpowered foe and Lois to be watching or trying to watch but she cant follow the fight all she can hear is the sound from the fight and see the impact it is having around her.
I'm kinda coming at this, from an, "eventually they'll team him up with Batman, Wonder Woman, et. al." point-of-view; but even if they don't, I think this still applies: I don't think Superman should necessarily have any "style" of fighting. In other words, he doesn't train as a fighter. After-all, he never saw himself as having to fight anyone anyway, so why should he take Karate classes or whatever?

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