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Default Re: Ice Giants and Other Asguardian Creatures Appreciation

Check this out did anybody know about this

First look at the Frost Giants from Marvel's Thor

Looks like Thor's burly Frost Giants received a total makeover for their upcoming appearance in Marvel's superhero blockbuster. Get a closer look at this mythic character reboot.
Marvelous News discovered a collection of licensed Hasbro Thor movie toys, and stuck in between Loki and Odin is a Frost Giant:

So that's a pretty skinny giant right there, but then again this may not be the only Frost Giant in the Thor mix. We know for sure that Colm Feore is playing the ice giant Ymir, who is over 1,000 feet tall, but we also know that Thor's family and its relationship with the Frost Giants is pretty pivotal in this film. So this could be an example of one of the many massive frosty warriors.

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