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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

Originally Posted by KillerCarlson View Post
Look, i'm going dismiss the Fincher thing right now, the guy already has his own trilogy lined up in the dragon tattoo series, not to mention his other projects. Futhermore i wouldn't be surprised is Nolan not only stayed but did another trilogy. My reasoning is, i look for both catwoman and penguin to be in the dark knight rises. Penguin will be the main villain to tie up the gangster theme nolan has had. That be said, i fully expect nolan to want to do riddler in a dark way. The character is amazing. The only way a character/villain could ever beat heath's joker is if nolan did the riddler. And Nolan likes challenges. I would guess to see a similar seen like at the end of batman begins (Joker) to see something similar for riddler in the dark knight rises to leave the door open...

If nolan leaves no doubt martin campbell is a decent choice, as long as it doesnt turn into 007
Who siad Fincher was going to do the entire Girl with Tatoo trilogy?

an no thanks to Martin Cambell. His Hal Jordan is a goof ball.

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