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Originally Posted by Bruce_Wayne29 View Post
Tell that to Sean Connery who at 74 was still playing action heroes and doing it well ! lol
Keaton is the right man for the DKR, I just wish someone would ask him in an interview about it and get his opinion. It would certainly create enough buzz (his response) that Warner Bros. would at least consider it.
The only way to get at least one more buck from the franchise after Nolan leaves is to get the original Dark Knight, which to many is still the best Batman ever.
I'm pretty sure Keaton would at least be interested since he loved the DKR book and based his performance on it.
If they couldn't get Tim Burton do to another movie or a high quality HBO mini-series (like what they did with Angels In America) they should go to Keaton himself to direct, he knows Batman better than most actors/directors (as proven by what Sam Hamm said in the special features of BR and his interview for a DC Comics book on Batman a few years ago).
WB would never have Keaton reprise his Batman role on the big screen. I'm don't want to be mean but the guy had his shot at playing the role 20 years ago. Batman, as far as the adaptations go, should continue moving forward.

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