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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

The Captain. Hands down.

Were talking about a straight up fight.

Drop them both in a large city and Bats could take him out maybe. Put them in a room with just whats on them and Batman is toast. Cap is just out of his league in power level.

Batman didn't beat Superman in a fight. I don't know why people even bring that up. Drop them both in a room with no kryptonite and Batman would be tore in half in about .5 seconds.

If given prep time and planning Bats can hang with some of the superpowered guys. If not then he can't. A planned ambush with special equipment is not a "fight" though.

Some characters get way overpowered because of their popularity. Its happened to Wolverine as well. Superman and Hulk are victim of this at times as well.

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