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Default Re: The Official POSTERS Thread

The imagery I've got in mind stems from somethnig that I saw on the cover of a Thor annual cover (one of the U.K. ones were they generally just fill it with re-prints) when I was a kid in the late 70's/early 80's.

I've never been able to find it since despite the fact that I think it was a painted Buscema piece but it was so powerful, its imagery is burned into my mind and thats why I think something similiar would be great as a movie poster - you see and and you kind of go 'Ohhhhhhh - that look's awesome'.

As I said, I've never been able to find it again, despite scouring tons of Buscema's work. The closest I've come to it is from something on Youtube and while it isnt the piece that I'm after, it's certainly Buscema and he's in the pose that I'm thinking.

Apologies for the poor quality (as I said, it's from a Youtube video (a hilarious one at that - )

Imagine seeing Hemsworth in an image like that in the cinema - wouldnt it just make you go 'I want to see that movie!!' ?

NOTE: Apologies to the thread-starter if all this is deviating from the intended purpose of the thread. If so, just tell me and I'll shut up.

Don't be ashamed of the source material when making your adaption. EMBRACE it.

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