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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

you know what, first I read this I thought: doesn't really matter to me, IRON MAN 2 looks ****** anyway~ Then after re-watching the last 2 chapters, I kinda feel sorry for this whole thing.

I mean IRON MAN 2 does look bad, but part of the reason is becoz of The Avenagers. The suit was killing Tony Stark that's a good one, governmet ask for the weapons, that as well. It's just he didn't put enough time on the villain and waste it on Avengers. It was lack lack lack but it's not as idotic as Spider-Man 3.

I think if the guy got another shot without any Avengers craps, he'd manage to make a good third one, even better than the first one (shouldn't be hard though)

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