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Default Re: Best fight scene

Originally Posted by Severus_Snape View Post
I wanna say Loki's fight, especially in the final battle, but the thing is, I find Marvel's "final battles" to be...about...lackluster, kinda.
I agree with you, but the fight at the end of TIH was pretty good. Most of the Iron Man fights were ok, they were just too short.

Originally Posted by Still A ThorFan View Post
Thanks to Iron Man.But damn us Thor fans may get the best treatment. What other Marvel films were this villan heavy and had this much action?
True it does look action packed, now hopefully both Thor and his villains get portayed with the high power level they deserve.

Originally Posted by Severus_Snape View Post
Hulk was a bit underwhelming too...but I still liked their fights, don't get me wrong.

Let's hope!
Yep, all that was missing from the TIH fight was "vehicles throwing" & them trading more "punches".

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes , Season 2 Episode 26

Spider-Man - It's the end of the world, I'M FREAKING OUT...why aren't you freaking out?
Captain America - Because I can hear it.
Spider-Man - Hear what?
Captain America - ....thunder
*cue Thor's grand entrance*

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