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Default Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?

It would look too much science fiction with the so called Rigellians

What i'd like to see if there's to be any sequel is guys like Firelord or Hercules ...

for the time being i'm more concerned with what they're going to do with the "actual movie"
for example ...I would like to see thor handling his hammer mjolnir almost like Bruce lee could handle a nunchaku
he has to be very agile with it and able to control it from afar and not stading there like
a caveman holding to a big piece of "massue"
because throwing mjolnir could do lots of damage like craking the jaw bones of some ordinary bad guy in its flight ,can you imagine that in slow motion, it would be too savage in a real life motion picture
Thor has to be able to control the force of his hammer from afar,
and no glowing of the hammer either in order to take flight, this is not a neverland peter pan movie.

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