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Default Re: Will the Rigellians appear in the Thor sequels?

but what about sequels? Thor teaming with the Rigellians against the Black Stars,Black Galaxy,Galactus,the Celestials and Ego the Living Planet in sequels would sell billions of dollars in movie tickets like the original Star Wars trilogy from 1977-1983. The Rigellians don't have be in this current movie but a sequel or more sequels Thor should definitely team with the Rigellians. A Lot of Star Wars fans like me and fans of Thor issues 131-134 from 1966 or 160-162 from 1969 or even 218-220 from 1973-1974 would camp out for front two tickets to such a potential sequel with Rigellians kicking ass in their starships and Thor against the Black Stars,Galactus & Ego the Living Planet!

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