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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

Originally Posted by Severus_Snape View Post

I'd rather have new generic music, than have someone steal another composers themes Too bad indeed. I liked a portion of scream 2's score...that was composed by elfman. Wait, someone else writing music, other than one composer just doing it all by himself?

Oh, welcome to the minorty.
That's source music that Elfman wrote for that stage scene "Cassandra Aria"(sp?) The studio and producers probably came to Elfman to write that. Beltrami had nothing do with that. As well as the Zimmer music tracked in from Broken Arrow.

You're only saying one score that Beltrami supposedly ripped off another composer on. I haven't seen Apt Pupil to know what you are talking about. So I can't comment on that. What other scores/ composers he's supposedly ripped off from ?

Ottman ain't no saint either. He ripped off the Under Seige and JFK scores for his Usual Suspects score. Film score fans have complained about Ottman ripping off music from dozens of movies for his SR score as well. I don't really know how much truth is in the latter one. Film score fans have also mentioned that Ottman has ripped off Henry Mancini's Lifeforce for X2.

Temptracks plays a major role in this,though. So it''s more the producer's fault than the composers. B/c they're forced to copy the tempmusic. If not TPTB will hire a composer who will. I'm not excusing this, but that's way it works.

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