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Default Re: The Official Nicholas Hoult/Beast Thread

Originally Posted by S. Grundy View Post
You know it just dawned on me that there is going to be a bit of a continuity problem regarding Beast. Because rember there is that quick moment on TV with a human Hank McCoy in X2, and so if he's going to be blue in First Class, that's a bit of problem.

I'm sorry to hear it just dawned on you. Cos it's been discussed on here since the film was first announced.

Basically, it doesn't matter. A brief background cameo like that isn't significant; and if you want to make it so, then maybe Hank was using an image inducer to disguise himself or maybe it was a stand-in, because mutants weren't that accepted by that point in X2.

It's like the two versions of Sabretooth or Emma. There are going to be a few things that don't add up but such is the nature of films that are developed in this one-by-one fashion. Remember, M changed into a woman in the Bond series.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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