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Default Re: Best fight scene

Originally Posted by NewType View Post
I can't believe people are saying final fight scenes in Marvel Movie's suck...
Seriously, IM2 with the drones...sucked? And then when Vanko appeared out of nowhere I was like "holy ****".

And the Incredible Hulk was great too. When the hulk and the abomination ran at each other and collied (their blows should have shattered windows and the like, but eh) and then at the end I thought Hulk was going to rip the abominations head off...

I guess some people can't be satisfied. I will agree that Iron Man wasn't too god though.
1) Iron Man vs Iron Monger = "let down"

2) Hulk vs Abomination = very cool

3) Iron Man & War Machine vs the Hammer Drones = niceeeee

4) Iron Man & War Machine vs Whiplash = cool...just way too short

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