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I wonder if he knows the difference between a writer and an artist.

(Hint: One of them draws. Or renders. But I'm not going to tell which!)

And who would threaten Cyclops's position as self-proclaimed leader of mutants, anyway? Presumably someone from the mutant community, but who? Who on Utopia / in SF would make the claim that Cyclops isn't a good leader, but they would be? Who on Utopia / in SF would even think the rest of the mutants would actually follow them?

Writers could head that direction with Storm, but really, let's not rehash that and, while we're at it, let's say we didn't. Writers could head that direction with Magneto, but really, what's the point? That's essentially more rehashing. Let's not and say we didn't.

"Like anything, writing is a puzzle. Your first five drafts are ****, and then you start whittling it down into something good." - Rick Remender

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