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Originally Posted by Crockett View Post
Eh, he wasn't in the comic book to begin with right?
But I'll have to say that Schreiber did a good performance as Sabretooth, it's just a shame that the movie was a mess though.
yeah, there's no place for Sabertooth in this movie. Its gotta stay just Wolverine and Wolverine alone (like Slade mentioned when praising the script).

The last film woulda worked if they had just kept it at Jackman and Schreiber alone but they added all those other characters that made it anything but a Wolverine film. Had it been just about the falling out of these two brothers and ended with the pair losing their memory it woulda made for a perfect setup to their vicious relationship in the comics. But they closed the film with them pretty much patching things up so it all went to waste...

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