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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Thanks Indy. I'm hoping this is the culmination of the many posters research from this thread and other joker costuming threads plus other dark knight threads that provided the joker promo pics etc. I always believed this could be possible if we got the various pieces of information collected, a tailor that was willing to make the changes and be flexible (I can't count the amount email correspondence I had with Baron, plus their willingness to assign 1 person to personally over see this task) some trial and error, plus someone willing to put up the money.
I won't profit from this coat one cent other then I now have as close a replica of the Joker coat as possible and now others can have the same thing. If that means more business for Baron, good for them for the amount of harrasment they had to put up with from

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