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Default Re: Scores To Marvel Films: Which do you like the most?

I voted for X2 for obvious reasons. I think tis the most well rounded and goosebump inducing score of them all. Props to X3 and Origins though. Ive looped those scores multiple times.

If Daredevil wasn't bogged down with all the pop songs, Im sure more people would have payed attention. To be honest its quite moving. Quite possibly the most fitting theme/score for a marvel superhero movie, with the drums and slight techno riffs at times, very menacing and moody.

The Punisher score is operatic and really surprised me at first. Over the years its grown on me and Ive come to love it.

Iron Man 2 whips on IM1 so bad in my opinion. Its just feels so much more "iron man" then 1 did. 2 had a harder rock vibe goin. But I enjoyed 2 more on a whole anyways.

Fantastic four has got the perfect score. Up there with Daredevil as a PERFECT fit. You listen to Ottmans F4 score and immediately think the 60's animated show (for those of you who watched it) theres such a great fantasy element about it that just WORKS. Too bad the movies sucked donkey balls.

Hulk I dont care for to begin with as a character, so ehhh... I cant even remember one bit of TIH score. Elfmans Hulk score ill remember but, Didnt think it was all that great though.

Spider-Man.. Good stuff, at least it kept its continuity and overall feel. It should have been Batman/Superman Memorable though, and it just isnt. Maybe the new flick will change that?

X-men reign supreme. The films have variety, and each of them is STRONG. The weakest link Id say would be X1 and that is still better than 75% of the other marvel movies.

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